Naptime Anyone?

I Need A Nap.

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together at last

excuse me i have something important 2 add



hes here

Lordy I can’t explain why this made me laugh so much.

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being a 21+ year old in a fandom full of preteens and teens image

Wait till you’re 30+, with children… who aren’t interested in the fandom… yet….


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Ugh.  The post-SDCC blues are hitting me hard.  I’m just going to go sleep in a hole until next July.

With occasional wake ups for TV and snacks of course.


Here’s some of our favorite scenes from Comic-Con so far this year.

That’s my hubby and son as Captain Hook and Smee!

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orangeschmorange asked: I have to know if there is an awesomely themed first birthday party in Stormaggedon's future.

Well, he is having a birthday party, but it’s not themed to anything particularly geeky, but it’s a Carnival theme, so we’ll have carnival games, food on a stick, and he’ll be dressed up like a Carnival barker/ringmaster (assuming my Etsy order gets here in time!) I’m looking forward to it - he won’t remember it, but hey… the first birthday is really all about parents celebrating the fact that they survived the first year, right? ;)

I still have so much to do since it’s the weekend after ComicCon… and we still have to survive Comic Con (which btw, he’s dressing up with us as Mr. Smee on Thursday and Archer’s Seamus on Saturday… so I’ll have to post pictures hahah) 


This is fucking amazing

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inspired by (x)

It says a lot about the alignments in game of thrones when petyr baelish is fucking neutral.

One of the best alignment grids I’ve seen.

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